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Magic Pink Man 2

by Fancy Mike

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Fashion be damned, life is just one big quest for Magic Pink Man.


released February 9, 2010

All tracks arranged, recorded, produced, and mixed by Mike Kleine
All tracks recorded at the Black (USA) and the Black 2 (USA)
Mastered by Mike Kleine at Fancy Camp in CA

Andre de Almeida appears courtesy of and
Richard "War-Spawn" Medina appears courtesy of and and
Sapphire appears courtesy of and
Ryan Willis appears courtesy of and




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Track Name: Intro/The Legend of the Magic Pink Man
Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a child was born. Now this child, who would later come to be known as the Magic Pink Man, was born under a special star and as all legends suggest, those born under special stars typically live somewhat unusual lives.

As expected, our protagonist ends up living a not-so-normal life.

So, for eighteen years, the Magic Pink Man lives as a sick, pink abomination, and in the end, is banished from his city of birth but... The story doesn’t end there, not just yet at least.

It all really begins when the Magic Pink Man manages to single-handedly defeat the legendary Mountain Man, followed by the brutal massacre of the Giant Lemon Head... All in a single day.

The motives behind these brutal slayings still remain unknown but; what is known, is the legend of the Magic Pink Man.
Track Name: 1685/Sensei
Magic Pink Man.

What I am about to tell you today is perhaps the most important piece of information you will ever acquire, so listen closely for I am not a man who is known to repeat himself.

Given the unusual circumstances of your birth, the star under which you were born specifically demands that you travel the earth to destroy your arch nemeses. Unfortunately, this demand never came with any instructions so you will be forced to interact with numerous groups of people throughout your adventures to get to your rivals.

Now, I cannot tell you exactly who they will be or how many you will have to defeat but I can tell you this: each one will have its own theme music. The adventurers call it boss music and this is how you will know when you have found one of them.

Sometimes, late at night, if you listen closely, if put your ear to the ground, some say you can hear the music of these “bosses” echoing throughout the land.

Now, when I said that I didn’t know who these bosses were, I made a mistake. Before you, Magic Pink Man, I had an apprentice whom I thought was worthy of my teaching… Obviously, I was wrong.

In any case, before he died, he crawled back to my home and told me, the first boss you are to face only has one eye, 12 lives… And he shoots miniature spaceships from the sides of his face.
Track Name: 1835/Sensei II
Magic Pink Man.

You are almost ready to embark upon your perilous journey but before you leave, I must give you my final remarks; eh, rules. Think of these only as reminders of who you truly are.

Now for the first rule… You know, as well as I know, that after having studied under my guidance for such a long time, you are bound by sacred decree to always use and only use the skills I have taught you.

Number two, You must never speak, for it is written in the ancient texts that having learned what I have taught you, you may only speak to impart knowledge and the only time you may ever impart knowledge is by becoming a master, the MASTER, if you will. And this leads me to the third and final rule, you and I both know that you can only become the master once I die and I cannot die unless I am defeated by one of my students.

I have spent countless years training young apprentices, hoping that they will one day liberate me from this burden I have been given; only to realize that I have failed.

But you, you are different.

Now, this is a highly-valued principle.